Leadership Development

Management is science and can be taught and improved through study and repetition.  Leadership, on the other hand, is an art.  The development of Leadership involves developing a keen sense of Self-awareness, strong Critical Thinking skill and constantly improving Emotional Intelligence.  We have deep experience in developing leader skills in supervisors and managers that helps them grow and to effectively manage the resources assigned them.  We offer programs for organizations and individuals.  We use the latest technologies and methods such as the DiSC suite of products to assess communications preferences at the individual and group level.  Call us... we can help your organization achieve performance and employee satisfaction targets that will ultimately improve you bottom line.

Statistical Process Controls That Create Star Performers

We've all heard that "Numbers don't lie..." and "You can make numbers say whatever you want them to" and a litany of other statements that apply to business metrics and measures.  One axiom is universally accepted:  "You cannot manage what you cannot measure.  Within your business or organization, it is an absolute imperative to find that common metric that drives your team to perform as a single unit.  We know how.  Let us use this talent to show you how we pay for our own services!

Robust Business Solutions

We offer:

  • Administrative Support
    • Short Term Staffing Supplement
    • Transition Assistance
    • Budget Season Support
  • Six Sigma/Process Optimization
    • Organizational Process Maps
      • "As is" and/or "To be" Maps
      • Measures of Efficiency
      • Operational Excellence
  • Project Management
  • SharePoint Solutions
  • Microsoft Project and Office
  • Complementary Resume Writing for Transitioning Military Members ($150.00 Value!)
  • Leadership Support for Supervisors and Managers

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