Leadership Development

The saying that "An organization soon takes on the characteristics if its leaders..."  is absolutely true.  An organization that lacks emotional intelligence suffers from a negative politics, a lack of teamwork, and ineffective operations, which costs money.  Young or inexperienced managers sometimes struggle to understand the difference between management and leadership.  Our success coaches help to clear up the confusion by using the modern tools and techniques that enable effective communication leading to growth and expertise for your business as a whole.  Using our education and our deep leadership experience in Fortune 100 companies, Government Services and Military careers, we help develop supervisors and managers who are technically sound, but may need support to realize their full potential as leaders.   Our experts are thought leaders in Organizational Effectiveness.

Statistical Process Controls and Star Performer

Is there a significant gap between your top performer and your least productive team member?  We can help!  We typically find that as much as 50% of productivity comes from the top 25% or your production workforce.  Unfortunately, that typically means that your best workers are not compensated according to their contributions and conversely, the team members who contribute least are also not paid according to their contributions!  We can help develop metrics that measure the member contributions within your workforce, align pay and define the success factors that drive efficient staffing models.  We build statistical process controls that enable your management team to spend time managing your processes rather than managing your people, which typically are your least productive workers.  Ask us how our Star Performer Model can improve your bottom line, while also improving employee satisfaction.

Robust Business Solutions

Whether your business is large or small, we can assist.  The TCPS Team has the expertise to bring the magic to your business!

  • Robust Sharepoint solutions built faster and far less expensive than options that require development.  You cannot manage what cannot be measured.  We can quickly set up and refine data collections that will tell you what you need to know.  Fast, efficient and cost effective.
  • Our experienced Program/Project Managers can augment your teams to help your business concern achieve your goals.  
  • Six Sigma expertise, specializing in business process mapping, custom metrics and measures and process excellence.  Data visualization tools customized to your business processes reap benefits to your bottom line immediately.
  • Full Service Web Design

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